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GeoSmart is a New Zealand based Geospatial Solutions Provider. What does that mean? If you want anything to do with location, we are the people for you to get in touch with. We have driven all of New Zealand as well as flown most of it to gather orthophotography which is used by many GIS departments in regional and local government. We have the only full turn restriction database in New Zealand, which in simple terms means that we have eliminated the paper roads designed in Scotland in the 1800’s which still exist on paper and in many mapping products, we know all about the no left or right turns, one way streets, legal and implicit turn restrictions and much more including a huge database of Points of Interest including businesses, accommodation, petrol stations right down to public toilets, boat ramps, places of geographic or historic interest and more.

Our products include:

  • Cartography including Wises and NZ Automobile Association Maps
  • Custom map jobs small and large, street maps, need a digital map for an advertisement, call us
  • Car Navigation, we supply around 93% of car navigation product in New Zealand including TomTom, Navman, Metroview, Garmin Asus, Nav N Go, Horizon, BMW and more
  • Fleet Management, vehicle and personal tracking including Navman, Astrata, Xlerate, Argus Tracking and more
  • Route Optimisation including Travelling Salesman through to complex problems
  • Demographic, sales and franchise territory applications
  • Web Mapping API’s and Web Services for applications of all sorts with the most thorough information available including GeoCoding, Points of Interest, Driving Directions, Vector Graphics, Reverse GeoCoding and much more.
  • The location based tools you need to make mobile apps for iPhone, Android and other location aware devices

We love to hear from and work with new ventures, people trying to solve spatial problems, develop new web sites, games, social networks or anything to do with location.

As Sales & Marketing Manager, this is a semi informal place for me to share ideas, knowledge and generally share some of the things we are working on. Feel free to comment or make contact with me.

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