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A World first with TomTom on iPhone

New Zealand is the first country in the world to get TomTom car navigation on iPhone and of course it is using the latest GeoSmart Maps.

Whilst the penetration of iPhone in New Zealand isn’t huge, the timing is perfect, in a competitive market with Telecom’s XT network and the new models of iPhone now being available. The new laws about not using hand-held mobiles fit perfectly too as there is a new accessory available which is in effect a TomTom car kit, comprising a windscreen mount which allows you to also use your phone in hands-free mode.

TomTom has taken advantage of the accelerometers in iPhone. Simply flipping the phone to it’s side, the application will run happily in landscape or portrait mode, which is also supported by the car kit. The car kit includes a speaker and microphone, external GPS (so it can even work with iPod touch) and it can connect to your car stereo system.

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  1. The map included with the Tomtom iPhone app is not the latest as stated by Tomtom, you get version v8.30 yet Tomtom’s own site sells New Zealand v8.35 for other devices and has been available since August.

    I can not comment on v8.35 but v8.30 is very out of date, using around Tauranga the second harbour bridge does not exist, POIs are way out of date, road speed limits are incorrect and missing many fixed speed cameras. Most annoying of all is the location of street address’s being wrong. A house I am think of buying is 50m up the road on the other side according to the map?!?!

    Comment by Jason | October 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. GeoSmart produces map updates every three months which is then distributed to our car navigation clients to integrate into their systems. It then takes them a couple of months typically to process this data and get it out to the market. This is why we offer a “map guarantee” where if you buy a system and the maps are out of date you can immediately download the latest maps but these can still be up to 5 months out of date due to the cycle from when a change occurs through to when it is available to the public. The Tauranga second crossing went into our data in August 2009 and delivered in the September release. Address data is an endless issue as GeoSmart receives this data from the NZ Government and from NZ Post and we build a hybrid version using the best from both of these sources but it is not perfect. To get around these issues we highly encourage the public to inform us of errors which we then incorporate to make the best posssible map solution. You cannot beat “local knowledge”.

    Comment by Phil Allen | October 22, 2009 | Reply

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